Around Camp Linger, Devarayanadurga Hills

The Outdoors : Treks, Hikes, Running, Riding

There’s a lake a short walk away at the base of two hills that make for moderately challenging hikes to the top where there’s a temple, and fantastic views.

Farming and the Gherkin Factory

A gherkin and other agri produce processing unit just 2 kms away is a must see. We can arrange permissions when the factory is in operation, and someone there will be happy to explain to you and the kids how food is sourced, cleaned and hygienically processed before it hits the store shelves and finds its way onto your plate or pizza.

Temples and History

By Srinivasa83 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


This is an ancient area. The Devarayanadurga Temple is a popular one visited by numerous devotees. It’s also perched atop a hill with fantastic views of the forest and landscape around.

Namada Chilume, a natural spring, has mythical origins. It considered sacred and is also considered the origin of the Jayamangali and Shimsha rivers.


An old fort dating back to 1670 AD, with multiple levels and layers of protection atop Asia’s second largest monolithic rock is fascinating both for history buffs, and those who like a good hike. Parts of the climb are extremely steep and dangerous during the rains, and we advise you to exercise caution and do it only in good weather with no rain and low wind speeds.


A cave shrine atop a hill close to Korategere makes for a good walk up the numerous steps, and a sense of adventure as you walk through the natural boulder-created cave.  Avoid during festivals and big weekends since it tends to get crowded up there.

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