Getting to Camp Linger, Devarayanadurga Hills

Location pin on Google Map :

Take the Tumkur Road, past the toll gates. At Dobbaspet, stick to the service road (do not go atop the flyover) and at the 2nd intersection under the flyover, turn right, and take the left road on the fork going towards Korategere/Devarayanadurga.

You have 28kms more to go.

A little later you’ll cross Urdigere – stick to the road going straight – through the market – the other one goes left. A little past this you’ll cross the road going left up to the Devarayanadurga Temple. Continue straight through some mildly hilly terrain, a lake on your right, and a few villages (the last one being Tannenahalli, where the farm is). A little after is a dirt track going left at Vishaal Farm. This leads straight into the farm. Driver around the house (road going to the left of it) and after 2 right turns, you’re at the parking lot. You should see some hills and a few tents right ahead of you, past the raised tank/pool.

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